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About TESOL Greece

TESOL Greece is an independent, volunteer, non-profit professional association for teachers of English as a foreign language and other ELT professionals working in Greece. TESOL Greece is a TESOL Inc affiliate and an IATEFL associate. (Affiliates: TESOL Worldwide Affiliate Directory, IATEFL Associate Members)

TESOL Greece currently has about 550 members, including teachers, teacher trainers, university students and staff, directors of study, school owners, publishers, writers, editors, researchers and consultants. Anybody who is involved in English teaching in Greece can join TESOL Greece.

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08-05-2017 | News

Socialize with Tesol Greece

Now you can get social with Tesol Greece on our official pages! Join us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram and watch out for updates on our...

06-05-2017 | News

TESOL Greece 37th Annual International Convention Proceedings

TESOL Greece 37th Annual International Convention Proceedings   The TESOL Greece 37th Annual International Convention Proceedings  are now available for TESOL Greece registered members. Please log in to our members area to download

23-04-2017 | News


Have you submitted your article? Contribute to the Tesol Greece Newsletter!

25-03-2017 | News

A Message from the TESOL Greece Chair

A Message from the TESOL Greece Chair   Dear friends of TESOL Greece,    With memories of the 38th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention “Keeping it Practical!” still echoing strong, I would like to express my gratitude...

24-03-2017 | News

Meet the new TESOL Greece Board

The new TESOL Greece Board of Directors 2017-2018   Officers Chair: Georgios Chatzis  Vice Chair: Maria Makra  Secretary General: Paul Bouniol Treasurer: Suzanne Antonaros    Members at Large Marina Pantazi  Eleni Kampadaki  Matina Katseli Stella Floras  Thanasis Papadakis (Webmaster)   Alternate Members Christina Chorianopoulou  (Newsletter Editor) Vasiliki Lismani  Theresa...

22-03-2017 | News

Visit the TESOL Greece stand at the 34th IP Exhibition.

Visit the TESOL Greece stand at the 34th IP Exhibition in Athens, April 1-2, 2017 Divani Caravel Hotel.   Find out the latest about our events, and the benefits of joining one...

19-03-2017 | News

Save the Date!

15-03-2017 | News

Useful information! Access to the Convention on Sunday 19 March 2017.

Useful information! Access to the Convention on Sunday, 19 March 2017. As the Athens Half Marathon Race is taking place on Sunday, 19 March 2017 at 09:00, through the center of Athens...

14-03-2017 | News


The Final programme of the 38th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention "Keeping it Practical" is out!  You can view it online, or download it here.

11-03-2017 | News

Meet the Presenters of the 38th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention

Meet the Presenters of the 38th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention   "Keeping it Practical!"   Check out the presenters tab, under the 38th Annual Convention Menu, and find out more!   

01-03-2017 | News

TESOL Greece Newsletter #133

    TESOL Greece Newsletter #133 January - March 2017  The convention issue of the TESOL Greece Newsletter #133 is out, with all the latest about our 38th Annual International Convention "Keeping it Practical!", with...

18-02-2017 | News

38th TESOL Greece Convention: Meet our Plenary Speakers

For more information about our Pleanry Speakers click here  

18-02-2017 | News

38th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention Preliminary Programme

Updated 3 March 2017   The 38th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention Preliminary Programme is out.

16-02-2017 | News


  Due to certain changes in the Greek law re. professional associations, the following information will be needed for your registration during the convention: 1.      Your Α.Φ.Μ. & ΔΟΥ 2.      Your Greek...

05-02-2017 | News

Pre-registration for the TESOL Greece - HAEF Event, now open.

Dear TESOL Greece Members, On Sunday, February 12, 2017 at Athens College – Psychico College Campus (15 Stephanou Delta Street, 154 52, Psychico - Benakeio Building) the 15th Annual TESOL Greece...

28-01-2017 | News

Accommodation Information for Delegates of the 38th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention

Check the list below, for hotels with reduced rates for the delegates of the 38th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention.   Athos Hotel +30 210 3221 977 3, Patroou Str. http://www.athoshotel.gr athoshtl@otenet.gr Single Room 60...

26-01-2017 | News

Hurry up! Just 4 days left to volunteer for the Summit of the Future of the TESOL Profession in Athens.

Dear all, the Summit of the Future of the TESOL Profession is close. We are all excited about this international event happening in Athens on February 9-10. We have an...

23-01-2017 | News

Become a TESOL Greece Volunteer and Make the Difference.

Become part of the TESOL Greece 38th Annual International Convention, "Keeping it Practical" and volunteer. You can make the difference by filling in this form.

18-01-2017 | News

Pitta - Cutting Event Report

TESOL Greece Pitta Cutting Event This year's TESOL Greece Pitta Cutting Event took place on January 14th, at the premises of New York College. Our members were welcomed by our Vice...

10-01-2017 | News

"New Year: Join Us and Cheer!"

Join TESOL Greece on Saturday the 14th of January, at New York College at 11:00, for our annual Pitta Cuting Event, with Mirsini-Anastasia Kankel, and claim your 'Flouri'!

17-12-2016 | News

Get into the Christmas Spirit with TESOL Greece

Are you coming to the TESOL Greece Christmas Event? Then join us, and sing along to our favourite Christmas songs. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for more details.

14-12-2016 | News

In the latest Newsletter, Joanna Malefaki interviews Marjorie Rosenberg

Don't miss it! Marjorie Rosenberg's interview to Joanna Malefaki. Download the latest newsletter to find out more.

12-12-2016 | News

TESOL Greece Christmas Event

Don't miss our Christmas Event. This Sunday, 18/12/2016, at the British Council, at 5pm. With Paul Bouniol and Cliff Parry. Sing Christmas Carols, visit the stands of the non-profit organisations, get into the...

11-12-2016 | News

Find in the latest Newsletter! Matina Katseli interviews Adrian Underhill

Don't miss it! Adrian Underhill's interview to Matina Katseli. Download the latest newsletter to find out more.

10-12-2016 | News

Big SIG Day Report

  TESOL Greece Big SIG Day Event 2016 was held at the premises of IST College on Sunday, November 13. In addition to Agapi Dendaki’s plenary talk, our members could pick...

08-12-2016 | News

Summit on the future of the TESOL Profession

  By George Kormpas, INTERLINK at Al Yamamah University, TESOL Summit MC TESOL International is organizing a unique event on February 9 – 10, 2017 in Athens, Greece with the support of...

12-11-2016 | News

Welcome to the BIG Sig Day

09-11-2016 | News

October Event Report - Chalkida

  On the morning of October 16th, TESOL Greece arrived with enthusiasm in the beautiful city of Chalkida for an October Event which would explore the theme of “Art and Science...

14-10-2016 | News

Start of the year symposium report

This Year, the TESOL Greece Start-of-the-Year Symposium, was held at Ionios School, on Sunday, 26th September. New and old TESOL Greece members arrived at the venue on buses kindly provided...

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