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Plenary Speakers

Plenary Speakers (5)

Saturday, 18 February 2017 17:43

Meet our Plenary Speakers

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Saturday, 18 February 2017 16:04

Bessie Mitsikopoulou

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Bessie Mitsikopoulou

Bessie Mitsikopoulou is Associate Professor at the Faculty of English Language and Literature, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,
and Director of the Faculty's Centre of Self-Access Learning and Materials Development.
Her research interests are in the areas of digital technologies in language education, educational linguistics and critical discourse analysis.
She has participated in various projects on curriculum reform, critical literacies and digital technologies in foreign language education.


Saturday 18th of March at 10:15


“Critical Reflections on Learning Objects,

Interactive Textbooks, and Digital Repositories”


This talk presents the case of the EFL learning objects that were developed in the context of the Digital School project

of the Greek Ministry of Education as part of interactive textbooks and digital repositories. It calls for the need to transform our teaching practices

in order to meaningfully incorporate digital resources in the classroom and it suggests that this transformation requires

critical reflective teachers who challenge and actively reframe their own practices.


Bessie Mitsikopoulou's interview to Efi Pelekouda for the TESOL Greece Newsletter, issue 131

Saturday, 18 February 2017 15:59

Adrian Underhill

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Adrian Underhill
Adrian Underhill is a trainer, consultant, author and a speaker. 
He is a past President of IATEFL, current IATEFL ambassador, and series editor of Macmillan Books for Teachers. 
He is the author of Sound Foundations: Learning and Teaching Pronunciation, and Sounds: The Pronunciation App.  
He is exploring the notion of humans as fundamentally ‘learning beings’, 
and the role of improvisation, playfulness and intuition in learning, especially in complex and messy settings.

Sunday 19th of March at 16:00 

the James Efstathios Alatis Plenary Presentation

Adrian's talk is kindly sponsored by  

"Jazz and the Dark Matter of Teaching"    

 Spontaneity and playfulness are essential to learning and creativity. And although improvisation
necessarily occurs everywhere in our lessons, our methodology does not recognize it as an essential 
quality to be observed, discussed, critiqued, practised or improved. It influences everything yet remains invisible. 
Thus I call improvisation the Dark Matter of teaching. This interactive talk offers a thinking frame for spontaneity 
and improvisation, practical activities and discussion.

Adrian Underhill's interview to Matina Katseli for the TESOL Greece Newsletter, issue 132.

Saturday, 18 February 2017 15:32

Marjorie Rosenberg

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Marjorie Rosenberg

Marjorie Rosenberg taught for many years at Graz University and now
teaches in companies, trains teachers and writes materials.
She has written extensively in the business English field
and is the author of‘Spotlight on learning styles’ (Delta Publishing) 
and 'Creating Activities for Different Learner Types
(Wayzgoose Press). Marjorie is currently the IATEFL president.


Sunday 19th March at 10:15


Marjorie’s talk is kindly sponsored by:

“Making Lessons Memorable”

There are a variety of ways in which you can make your lessons
memorable in order to help your learners take valuable information
with them when they leave your classroom. In this plenary talk
we will look at a number of ideas and practical examples, 
which you can use to liven up your lessons, make them fun,
relevant, engaging, and creative so that both you and your learners
feel you have gotten the most out of the face-to-face time
you can spend together.


Marjorie Rosenberg's interview to Joanna Malefaki for the TESOL Greece Newsletter, issue 132 

Saturday, 18 February 2017 15:03

Elana Shohamy

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Elana Shohamy

Elana Shohamy is a Professor at Tel Aviv University where she researches
co-existenceand rights in multilingual societies within Language Testing,
Language Policy, Migration and Linguistic Landscape.
She authored The power of tests (2001), Language policy (2006),
and co-edited two volumes on Linguistic Landscape.
She is current editor of the new journal Linguistic Landscape (Benjamins).
Elana was awarded the ILTA lifetime achievement award (2010).


Saturday 18th of March at 14:30


Elana's talk is kindly sponsored by 

“LINGUISTIC LANDSCAPE: A Medium for Interpreting Societies
and Expanding the Scope of Language Teaching and Learning”


Linguistic Landscape (LL) refers to languages displayed in public spaces,
in multilingualcontext on signs,advertisements, buildings, streets and
billboards. 'Language’ within LL is broadly defined including semiotic
sources such as images, sounds, smells and people.
‘Who owns the public space’ is one major question that leads 
to critical views of the public spaces. This talk will introduce these issues 
and demonstrate how the public space can be instrumental 
in transforming language teaching/learning in the classroom.


Elana Shohamy's interview to Maria Makra and George Tsioumanis for the TESOL Greece Newsletter, issue 133